Nigeria Fashion Council is a not-for-profit organisation founded as a special interest group for Nigerian fashion. The objective is to promote and establish Nigeria fashion as a cultural and economic asset as is normal in countries such as United Kingdom and France.

This is achieved through specific support for young Nigerian talent with a joint management of national activities, strengthening the awareness of Nigerian design at home and abroad. The awareness of Nigerian fashion and Nigerian designers has to be improved. National industry has to be interconnected with Nigerian fashion designers and startups.

Nigeria Fashion Council is the point of contact for Nigerian fashion design with the responsibility of the political, media, cultural and industrial lobby work.

Through strong partnerships with corporate, government, education, industry and community networks, Nigeria Fashion Council provides extended opportunities for the industry and champions the Nigerian fashion and creative sector. 

Membership Goal: To create a loyal following of members who are creatives, designers, students, models, associated suppliers and workers for the fashion industry and have capacity to help develop fashion as a creative pursuit.