Nigeria Fashion Council offers a wide variety of partnership packages with a diverse range of benefits for business development, staff engagement, corporate hospitality, brand leveraging and promotional opportunities.
A partnership with Nigeria Fashion Council will provide a measurable return on your investment while you enjoy an association with some of our fashion and cultural events.
These are just a sample of the benefits a partnership with Nigeria Fashion Council could achieve for your brand:

  • Align your brand with some of Nigeria‚Äôs most prominent cultural and fashion events
  • Provide networking opportunities with Government, corporate, fashion, and media industries
  • Generate widespread media and social media coverage
  • Targeted brand leveraging throughout influential event marketing platforms

Our partnership opportunities include event partnerships with the Nigeria Fashion Awards, Lagos Showrooms as well as longer term partnerships that can leverage your brand throughout a full 12 months.
We will tailor, cut, measure, style and fit a partnership package to suit you. Our committed and dedicated team will work tirelessly with you to ensure your marketing and partnership objectives are met.
For more information on our partnership opportunities and how we can tailor the perfect package for you, please contact us