LAGOS show ROOMS is a curated group of designers ranging from emerging talent, to Lagos’s new establishment and guest designer brands and the final decision as to who gets included in the project is at the discretion of the NFC

  • Applicants must have graduated no less than six months prior to showing in LAGOS show ROOMS
  • Applicants must be a Nigeria-based business
  • Applicants must have a working studio
  • Applicants must already have successfully fulfilled two orders (excluding own brand website). Should this not be applicable, NFC will need to verify the ability to fulfil orders prior to consideration
  • Applicants should have a reliable source for fabrics
  • Applicants should have pattern cutting skills or currently employing an appropriate person
  • Applicants should have the ability to produce for production – either with a manufacturer or in house
  • Applicants must provide costing sheets for all garments and calculations for wholesale prices, prior to the LAGOS show ROOMS (deadline to be given when invited to LsR)
  • In London, applicant’s collections should be exclusively sold at the LAGOS show ROOMS (no double exposure). The LAGOS show ROOMS is a support initiative for designers who don’t have a sales agent in London. If a brand is already working with a sales agent, the agent should not have a Lagos showroom. In exceptional circumstances, where the agent does have a London showroom, it is at the NFC’s discretion whether to include the designer in the LAGOS show ROOMS
  • Applicants must agree to meet with the NFC team after LsR. This is to get feedback on sales, as well as be offered support on follow-up procedure in order to ensure the positive development of stockist relationships